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PrimusPVX® helps you take control of a major element of your estate planning.

Make gifting and estate strategies far more powerful by removing the mystery surrounding the eventual opinion of value. Select ownership structures based on understanding how they affect value and why. Divide assets between family members in a fair and equitable way that is consistent with tax reporting needs.

You are either guessing or hoping that valuations will come in that are sufficiently reliable that your estate plans will hold up. You need to know that your clients will realize the tax efficiencies that you are building into their estate plans. PVX gives you control based on a) understanding the relevant facts, b) knowing how specific fact patterns affect value, and c) choosing plan alternatives with reasonable knowledge of what their outcomes might be. PVX gives your plans the juice that they need fast. Your clients will appreciate and trust your knowledge and ability to focus the plan on their needs and optimize their benefits. You have the control you need with PVX.


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