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The Advisor subscription option is intended for advisors, partners, common tenants, property owners, CPAs, attorneys—users who need the depth and understanding that PVX provides but are not going to be offering their professional opinion of value. Any user may subscribe using this option.

The Appraiser subscription option is intended for appraisers—users who are qualified to offer their professional opinion of value as experts in a court of law, before the IRS, or in other situations where a client requires your expert opinion of value. You will be required to provide and confirm your professional qualifications on the subscription form.

*PVX has powerful new features in the works, like the ability to adjust working capital over time or make cash flow modifications, that will be coming soon. Early adopters get to enjoy the functions that PVX has to offer now, and that apply for the great majority of fractional interest valuation projects at extraordinary, introductory pricing. Mr. Webb will also hold periodic Zoom sessions to help you learn and become familiar with the extensive capabilities of PVX. Become an early adopter now!