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PrimusPVX® is your Fractional Interest Ally

Whether you are experienced at providing valuations for fractional interests in real estate or looking to add it to your capabilities, PrimusPVX is your best source for everything. It provides systematic fact-finding checklists, special conditions guidance, extensive valuation modeling you can use directly or in addition to your own, and warnings to keep you out of trouble. You can also use PVX to simply check your existing work, as there is nothing like the confidence that comes from corroboration by the gold standard in fractional interest valuation.

Business Valuers

PrimusPVX® raises the bar for asset holding company and common tenancy valuations. A lot. Multidisciplinary valuations can be a challenge, and full of landmines, because the real estate-related facts are just not that accessible to business appraisers. Plus the real estate appraisal you get does not necessarily have the holding company facts in mind. The […]

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Real Estate Appraisers

PrimusPVX® adds to your real estate strengths. Real estate appraisers are always on the front lines when the client’s assets are real estate based. Of course, if the valuation is for a fractional interest, then you have a business appraisal problem. Working in a neighboring discipline can present hazards that go unseen. You can rely […]

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