Special Situations

PrimusPVX is intended to value the most commonly encountered fractional interest situations. However, ownership conditions can become quite complex. This page describes a number of the more complex facts and circumstances that require the user to modify the use of PVX or exit altogether and use different valuation methods. It may also be possible for valuers to construct their own models and make use of PVX’s advanced-user capabilities to handle other elements of the discount valuation process. Guidance on many of these situations is intended for application by professional valuers. Select any item below to read more:

Backend Splits

Buyout Formulas

Historic Transactions

Intangible Attributes and Fair Value

Large Percentage Interests

Multiple Properties

Negative Cash Flow


Prepayment Penalties

Short-Term Market Trends

Significant Other Assets

Tiered Entities

Underwater Financing/Negative NAV

Unusual Yields and Cash Flows