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This subscription option is intended for users who are qualified to offer their professional opinion of value as an expert in a court of law, before the IRS, or in other situations where a client requires an expert opinion of value. You will be required to provide and confirm your professional qualifications below.

If you are not a qualified valuation expert, or do not intend to use PVX to support an expert opinion of value (for example, you only intend to check your own, original work), then we recommend you select the Advisor subscription option.

This is your chance to take advantage of our $950 Early Adopter pricing, which will apply now and give you price protection for your next two renewals.

It will help us to support you better if we know a little bit about how you are planning to use PVX. (*indicates required fields)
By selecting “Yes” below, I declare that all information I am submitting on and with this form is true and correct and that any false or misleading statements or information in this form or on or related to any documents provided to you by me, can without limitation, result in termination of my access to the Sites, forfeiture of my subscription and possible civil and/or professional liability. Furthermore, I understand and acknowledge that you will be relying on the truth of the submitted information allowing me access to the appraiser-user portions of the Sites, as well as to the Sites themselves.

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The trial period begins at checkout. You will have the ability to cancel at any time during the 14 days. If you do not cancel before the end of the trial period, then your card will be charged, and your annual subscription will begin. You will receive an e-mail notice near the end of your subscription term, which will be automatically extended if you do not cancel.

Our refund policy may be found in Section 2.1 of the Terms of Use.

Please subscribe using our Advisor subscription form or click the “Cancel” button.